Club Membership Survey

RCS conducts comprehensive satisfaction, membership engagement, strategic alignment, needs assessment, and national trends surveys.


Our surveys identify hidden opportunities within your operation and uncover member usage patterns, expectations, and desires -- all essential knowledge in managing a club capable of responding to and attracting the new generation of customers and members.


There are four basic steps in the RCS member survey process:



The survey is crafted and tested in close collaboration with club management with a clear understanding of objectives, core club values, and member characteristics.



RCS lays the groundwork for the survey by drafting your initial communication with your members, assuring them of confidentiality, and spelling out the survey's objectives. At the end of the process, a summary of findings is prepared to maintain transparency and to build awareness of the club's goals of enhancing the member experience.



Our surveys use a combination of email communication and web-based response mechanisms, and generally remain live for two weeks.



Your final report includes an assessment of overall satisfaction and engagement with cross-tabulation by gender, age, and usage frequency; identifies dining behaviors and service expectations; offers a detailed snapshot of your members' demographic characteristics; and provides recommendations that serve as a roadmap for your club's future growth. 


"Our annual membership and strategic planning survey demanded a high level of customization, research, and detail. RCS went out of their way to make sure that the huge amount of data they collected was clear, concise, and easily understandable by all Board members. The final report was well designed, had very useful deliverables, and gave us excellent feedback and summaries. The Board of Directors was able to clearly see that the outcomes were actionable, which had been a point of concern for them. It was a pleasure working with the RCS team."

Michael J. Fay, CCM, General Manager, Chartwell Golf & Country Club